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International Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Investigations into Individual Differences in Learning

InLab is a collaborative research group, dedicated to understanding the origins of differences in people’s learning. In our cross-cultural research, we combine different disciplines, including experimental and other areas of psychology, genetics, neuroscience, and education.


InLab is based at Goldsmiths, University of London and has many associate members across the world. The research aims to provide insights into interplay between genetic, social and cultural factors in their effects on learning. The ultimate goal of this research is to contribute to individualised education and to promote positive development. Read more


InLab is a member of INRiCHD (International Network for Research in Child Health and Development), which links many leading laboratories across the world.

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Training and events

InLab provides short intensive courses in Psychology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Data Analysis, Academic Writing, Publishing and Presenting, and Law and Advocacy.

InLab provides coursesprofessional development training, and organises public engagement events, international conferences and summer schools.